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1989-1993 - She studied with the Argentine painter and sculptor Adelina Nagrassus, exploring the use of geometrical structures with intense polychromy to define a universe of form.
1994-1995 - She studied photography at the School of the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1996 - She worked as photographer for the University of Buenos Aires magazine "Tiempo Presente".
2006-2008 -A cascade of interesting series of interactions with the Colombian scientist and artist J. Santiago Mejia occurred during those years, leaving in her a significant impact.
2010 - Workshop: Mixed Media - Cleo Art Club (Buenos Aires).
2010 - Workshop: Mixed Media - Buenos Aires Studio Gallery (Buenos Aires).
2010 - Workshop: Naïve Painting - Estudio 9 Arte (Buenos Aires).
2010 - Book cover: photography and graphic design, title: "Elogio de las salamandras", poet: Fernando Valerio Holguin, Búho edditions.
2011 - Encaustic Workshop- Laura Tyler- Boulder .(CO)
2011 - Book cover: photography and graphic design, title: "Retratos?, poet: Fernando Valerio Holguin. Búho editions.
2012 - Seminary Cleo Art Club - Argentina.
2012 - Encaustic workshop.Laura Tyler - Boulder (CO).
2012 - Seminary - Casa Do artista - Ferrari Caetano - São Paulo Brazil.
2012 - Workshop - Beeswax - São Paulo Brazil.
2012 - Workshop - Carola Trimano- Caso do Artista - São Paulo, Brazil
2015 - March - Workshop - Nora Pareja - Buenos Aires, Argentina

August 2008: Aurora Color Gallery (CA).
October 2008: La Dolce Vite Gallery (CO).
November 2008: Public Library Fort Collins.
February 2009: International Fair Front Range Community College.
April 2009: Fort Collins Art Station.(CO).
September 2009: Annual Uppity Women?s Art Gathering.
September 2009: The Art Show 09 Habitat for Humanity.
October 2009: Art on Mountain (AANC).
November 2009: Poudre River Public library (CO).
June 2010: Old Firehouse Books (AANC).
July 2010: The Thompson Valley Art League. Arts Show (group show). (CO).
September 2010: The Art Show 2010 Meals on Wheels (group show). (CO).
October 2010: Artists Association of Northern Colorado (group show). (CO).
March 2011: Artists Association of Northern Colorado (group show). (CO).
May 2011: Art in Bloom-(AANC).(group show). (CO).
June 2011: The Thompson Valley Art League. Arts Show (group show). (CO).
September 2011: Art Show 2011" Kids Hope USA.(CO).
October 2011: Colorado Coalition of Artists.(group show). (CO).
October 2011 : Capture The county.-(AANC).(group show). (CO).
November 2011 : Poudre River Gallery - (group show). (CO).
December 2011: Small Artwork.Reader's Cove Bookstore. (CO).
February 2012: Board Invitational.-( AANC).(group show). (CO).
April 2012: National Decorative Art Museum. Argentina.
May 2012: Expo- Shoes - Gallery de artistasetrata - Buenos Aires, Argentina.
May 2012: 21st St. Annual National Art Exhibition.(group show). (CO).
May 2012: Espaço de Arte. São Pablo.Brazil.
June 2012: Regional Fine Arts Show. (group show) (CO).
June 2012: Celebration of Color Show.- (AANC).(group show). (CO).
August 2012: COCOA .-(group show) (CO).
September 2012: Pulcinella wine & bar. (Solo show).
October 2012: The Art Show 2012 in support of Kid?s Hope USA
October 2012: Caffé Vino.- Fort Collins.(CO) (solo Show)
November 2012: Big Toe Studio. (solo show).F.Collins.(CO).
Diciembre 2012: Small Artwork. - (AANC).(group show).(CO).
December 2012 : Trumans Coffe House - (Solo Show).F.Collins .(CO).
January 2013 : The Big Art Show, COCOA Gallery and AANC Gallery (CO).
January 2013 : Caffé Vino. - (solo show).F.collins.(CO).
Feb 2013: Caffe Vino - F. Collins ( solo show), CO.
Mar 2013: Barnes & Noble - Fort Collins (solo Show), CO.
Apr 2013: St. Stephen's 2013 Art Show - Longmont - (group), CO.
Apr 2013 : Gallery "Vuelvo al Sur? Argentina.
May 2013: AANC - Fort Collins. - (CO )
Jun 2013: Compass Bank (solo show), CO.
Jun 2013: Lincoln Gallery (group show) - Loveland, CO.
Jul 2013: Spark Gallery, Denver, CO.
Oct 2013: AANC "Capture County" (group show),CO.
Nov 2013: Art Mail "Strenger in Paradise" Amsterdam, Holland.
Nov 2013: Postcard Art Cente, Minnesotta.
Dec 2013: Small Art show AANC - (group show) - Fort Collins, CO.
Mar 2014: Museo Cascabelos , Spain.
Apr 2014: Centro Communy, (solo show), CO.
May 2014: First National bank (solo show), CO.
Jun 2014: Regional show Loveland, CO.
Jul 2014: Bath Garden Show (solo show), CO.
Dec 2014 : Artist Association of Northern Colorado CO
Jan 2015 :"Abaut Women" Museo Interectivo da Historia de Lugo,Spain

Best Artist: Art Show 2010 Meals on Wheels.
Third Place: AANC's Capture the County Art Show, Abstract.
People?s Choice: Winners of the Small Art Show. AANC.
Honorable Mention: Thompson Valley Art League.(2013).
Honorable Mention: Artists Association of Northem Colorado.(2013).
1 St Place (Acrylic): Regional fine Arts Show (2014).

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